April 17, 2013

Hello, How-Tuesday!

We mentioned in Friday's post about having a little pallet project up our sleeves. Well today we're excited to share the final results, featured in Etsy's latest How-Tuesday post...

We ended up repurposing a shipping pallet I brought home from work one weekend (we actually got about 5 of them) into a versatile indoor/outdoor storage shelving unit.

We're pretty excited at how it turned out — and how different each of the indoor/outdoor looks are.

Find the full step-by-step over on the Etsy Blog.

It's really beginning to feel like spring around here! We're looking forward to sharing a few more behind-the-scenes details on this particular project tomorrow.

What gardening projects have you got cooking of late?


  1. That's a great project!
    Wooden pallets are so full of potential, you can make so many different things with them. I haven't tried anything yet, but love your idea for storage shelving unit. I'll go check your tutorial too.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. On Hometalk, there is a whole set of outdoor patio furniture made from pallets!! So cute and cheap!!

  3. That's cool! Am looking for Racking Systems Solutions for my house. Thanks for sharing. Keep exploring.


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