October 5, 2012

Quotes From the Inbox

Subject: Two Sevens and Three

"You probably already know this, but I recall a French "rule" for the maximum age difference for lovers — as noted by the writer of one of those books about life in the french countryside (1980s?):  it was as I recall:  "two sevens and three" — 17 years apart is OK by the French, apparently."

We'll take it! And as the French might say, Merci Beaucoup — Tim & Mary

Quotes From the Inbox is an intermittent series in which we divulge some of our favorite, random and outright funny tidbits, anecdotes and words of wisdom we receive to our 17Apart email account. We never share private information or recognizable details, but hopefully as you can tell, some of this stuff is just too good not to share. Will your words be next?


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  2. Can you believe such a "rule" even exists? :)

  3. Hi, Your blog is the 1st blog I have ever visited without knowing the owner. Great job! I am Karen, I live in Southern California about a half mile from the beach. We are dog people also. Basset Hounds we hsve 3 at our house and co-own about a dozen more that live with the co-owners. We love to travel and NYC is a favorite as is dining, travel- especially the Caribbean. Phil my hubby is VP of Marketing in the electrical equipment industry and I have returned to school to get my BFA in painting and drawing, after a 30 year career in retail merchandising and sales management to the retail trade. I saw your post about growing the onions. Very cool. Anyway, I beleive I happened upon your blog for a reason! Look forward to keeping in touch. Oh, I am originally from NC- Charlotte and Phil is from MA. We met here in CA, he is 8 years older than me and we have been married for 30 years! I was the wrong number! Yes and we got married 10 months later. It's a small world!

    1. Wow, we have lots in common! Welcome and we hope to see you around often! Tim is curious about which Electrical Equipment company to know if they have ever crossed paths since that is his business (on the distribution end).

      Happy New Year!

    2. Thanks for your welcome! I do enjoy your daily posts. Basil is a doll! Visist our website www.crossroadsbassets.com to see our pack! I am also on Facebook and my email is karenspillane@verizon.net. Phil has worked for several companies. He started in the biz at a distributor out of Baltimore called EIL, he was promoted and came to CA. for several years as regional SM. He then became National Sales Manager for Beckman Industrial for 10 years. He left to become VP of Marketing for the US Division of Weidmulier from Germany until he became President of LEM U.S. Instrument Division. The division was sold and he now is VP of a Manufacturer called Lindsey Manufacturing in Azua, CA. He loves his work and will never retire. I was in retail to the tourist industry- from theme parks to Duty Free Shoppers in the 1970's and 1980's. Then I was recruited by Chanel as an account Executive, stayed in highend luxury goods and ended up as VP of Bulova the watch/ clock company. I was eliminated a few years back and worked part time in the gift and retail and painting dog portraits/ limited edition prints. Oh, love your phot enlargement ideas.Great work! I took painting lessons, an art trip to Italy and I was hooked as this was my original goal in my career. So now I attend CSU in Long Beach a good College of the Arts, working on my BFA and have several semesters to go!
      NOW! We are going to St. Martin for a week and I won't be checking my email so I temporaily unscribed to 17 Apart and everything else. Hope I do not miss too much and will respond often. Until next week, Karen and Electrcal Phil!


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