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Our New Hose Nozzle

So, we got a new hose nozzle — or should I call it our fancy new water wand? Gotta love the branding these days...

Our old nozzle, the one here when we moved in, had seen better days and was beginning to leak pretty badly where it met the end of the hose every time we turned the water on.

What's the big deal about our new hose nozzle you ask?

1. It's got 5 different spray settings from a fine mist to full on water blast.

2. You adjust the strength of the spray with an easy push of the red bar (instead of squeezing a handle).

3. Basil is both curious about it:

and equally terrified:

4. Tim can reach any plant in our backyard from standing in a single position.

Yes, even the very top landing:

5. It's called a water wand.

If you couldn't tell, we're enjoying our new garden toy, maybe more-so than any normal people.

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