Posted by / January 6, 2012

Spotted: Yarn Bombing on Monument Avenue

During yesterday's morning walk with Basil, I came across this North Davis Avenue and Monument Avenue lamp post at the circle of the Jefferson Davis Monument that had been yarn bombed...

The past few days have been quite chilly here in Richmond, Va. I'm sure the lamp post appreciated its new cozy. I also appreciated the handiwork and little surprise in my morning walk.

So now the million dollar question is....

Could this have been the work of Knitorious M.E.G. or is there a new bomber in town???

Update: We later learned this particular bombing was not the work of Knitorious M.E.G. but may very well be one of her many fan's tributes! Looking good guys!


  1. Oh that is so cool! I wish Juneau had a yarn bomber.

  2. HEY! This was done by Danger's Militia. We are a crochet crew & big fans of Knitorious M.E.G., Olek, & Magda. Glad you like it!

    1. Hey guys! Thrilled to "meet" you and have spotted your work. I still see it up everyday on the walk - holding tight! Looking forward to seeing more.


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