Friday, November 11, 2011

Things We Loved This Week: Etsy Edition

Because I spend the majority of my days working on Etsy, I'm continually coming across the amazing work of artisans and vintage dealers. This week's finds all come from shops that stopped me in my tracks. We'd love to get our hands on any one of these luxurious pieces of work!

1. Vintage gramophone iPhone player; via Indian VS Indian.

2. 1940's French wire storage basket; via lovintagefinds.

3. Leather camera case designs for vintage cameras; via nelisgood.

4. Compost bin handcrafted from reclaimed barn wood; via legacybuilding.

In keeping with the Etsy vibe this week, we want to share a video we found inspiring. This handmade video portrait of Wild Hive Farm in Clinton Corners, NY beautifully shows how buying locally can directly effect the people and economies in your own neighborhood.

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